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Mini Richard Indian Style
Recently I started a charity called Hugs and Kisses my concept was very simple. For every Like I get on my page I donate a I rupee to a person who in need. I was very surprised when others wanted to join me. I have come to know some wonderful people through Facebook and social media. Most of the people are very supportive. I am very proud of my life and I am enjoying the ride.
Thanks for your support and input about Donating money for the needy. I was very excited about Facebook friends’ offers to donate money and join my venture. I am going call my charity Hugs and Kisses Foundation, Mini Richard.
Mini said that this was just a beginning and she wants to help more people trough Hugs and Kisses Foundation.
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If anyone would like to donate to the Hugs and Kisses foundation please let me know. Thank you for your continued love and support.